Do you ever dream of having intimate experiences with your beloved, that are mind-blowing, heart-opening and soul-awakening?

Many couples nowadays have sexual experiences that tend to be more superficial and lack in depth and profound unity. The two lovers might be tired when they start, have a quick intercourse and reduce it to ‘let’s get undressed, have some sex and sleep’. Others have lost the sense of mystery, become very familiar with each other and don’t know how to rekindle their sparkling flames they felt in the beginning when they fell in love. Unfortunately, short or flimsy interactions do not leave the couple with overwhelming states of renewed love, connection and attraction, which deeply uniting lovemaking can do so powerfully.

While we were growing up, we did not receive a proper education about love, relationships or intimacy.

We attended courses on mathematics, history, language, physics and so on, but did not get a chance to learn about how to maintain a happy, beautiful, intimate, and loving couple relationship. In the Tantra Temple, when we meet couples for massages or teachings we consciously start this education. We aim to help them (re-)discover what their hearts have been missing or longing for in their relationship – often an experience of deep and fulfilling intimacy and tools to maintain and develop it together over time.

Tantric lovemaking is based on a deep state of mutual love, erotic continence (controlling of the sexual energy) and seeing your beloved in his or her most beautiful aspects. Even though we do not teach couples how to make love in a tantric way directly, we do show, through the massages and teachings, the tantric attitudes and tools that help to create a lovemaking which is truly connecting. Most importantly, we teach the couples, whether they have been happily together for many years, on the edge of divorce or freshly in love, how to meet each other from the heart.

True intimacy is the delicious experience of coming so close to one another that the hearts starts to meet and merge, and the souls are deeply uniting.

In order to get to this place of connection, we need to get naked, and here we don’t mean to undress, but instead, to take of everything that prevents us from showing our real self to the other. We have to remove everything that separates us, not just the clothes, but also the facades, the masks, the pretending to be something or the hiding of things. Only when we learn to drop these barriers, we can start to have touching experiences of honest meetings from heart to heart.

In the Tantra Temple we have welcomed hundreds of couples that we have assisted in finding each other on a deeper level, growing their love and revive their passionate flame. As Tantra encourages transformation, couples usually do not stay the same after a few couple sessions in our temple. For some this might mean, they reawaken their initial wonderment of each other, discover totally new aspects of their love or that they actually realize that their path together has come to an end and they would be much happier if they separate and move on. Either way, the experiences for couples in the Tantra Temple will point them to the truth of their hearts; the only birthplace for the emergence of true intimacy.