Deepen the tantric experience and
enjoy member discount

Membership benefits

By becoming a member at the temple you can start a journey to explore what tantra holds for you. Dive into the tantric experience through taking initiations and massages as a process to explore yourself.  After the initiations deeper understanding of ancient principles and knowledge of tantric practices will help you profoundly assimilate what the tantric massages open up for you: a path to explore the tantric wisdom for fulfillment. 

  • 10% discount on all massages in the Tantra Temple
  • 50% discount on yearly membership fee after taking an initiation

The membership is valid for the calendar year.

How to join

To enter the program you need to take our 1st initiation, after which you can receive temple membership for the calendar year with a 50% discount. 

If you are already a member and wish to continue,  you can choose to take the next initiation and receive the membership for half price or you can renew your yearly membership for 20.000 kr.

Initiations in Tantra

Those who are ready to dive deeper into the mysteries of Tantra can take initiations in the Tantra Temple. In this way you can gradually enter the magical world of Tantra through 7 different initiations.

1. Sexual Continence
2. Law of Resonance
3. Power of Shakti
4. Awareness and Relaxation
5. Vira – from Boy to Man (only for men)
5. Femininity (only for women)
6. Multiorgasmic Man (only for men)
6. Tantric Orgasm for Women (only for women)
7. Sacred Sexuality