rekindle the attraction, feel more intimacy and fall in love again

experience a sensual and caring massage and get inspired to enter a new phase of your couple relationship.

Tantra Massage for Couples

Experience the deep relaxation and pleasure of the Tantric massage in order to enhance the sensitivity and intimacy within your couple’s relationship. You will receive guidance in keeping the passion and love alive and increasing happiness in the relationship.

Massage and Introduction to Tantra

Come together as a couple and experience the deep relaxation and pleasure of the Tantric massage to enhance the sensitivity and intimacy within your couple’s relationship.

You will be welcomed by two of our experienced Tantric massage therapists who will give you an introduction to the major key elements of Tantra. We will enjoy a cup of tea together and in an intimate atmosphere, you will both be guided on how to keep the passion and love alive and to increase the happiness in the relationship, and awaken your inner potential as a man and woman together. Then you will experience our basic Tantric massage for 1,5 hours in option 1 or longer of your choice in option 2 & 3 , in separate rooms and after that, all four of us will meet again and share our experiences. If you choose, you will also be given some Tantric exercises you can try at home.

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The experience

It is done in separate rooms, so that each of you can focus entirely on your own inner experience, on what happens in your body and mind. This is not possible when your beloved is also in the room.

Each of you is likely to feel increased states of pleasure, deep relaxation, enhanced ability to love, and higher control over the energies.

After the massage, both of you together with your masseurs will meet again and share your experience.

“We are now ‘landing’ after the very nice Saturday afternoon with you. Would you like to thank our masseurs for a fantastic, challenging, beautiful and mind-blowing experience. We now have a lot of thought and post-reflection to do, both together and separately. No doubt this will make a difference in our lives. Once again thank you very much..”

Henrik & Bettina

Tantra massage experiences

Choose a 2-hand or 4-hand massage of different durations. Time makes all the difference: the longer the time, the deeper the experience.

Including: A before and after talk, a shower, and a Tantra massage (with or without yoni massage for women).

Option 1 – AWAKEN

58000 kr

Duration: 2 hours (appr. 1.5 hour massage)

Take the first step to discover yourself and awaken your being!

The perfect option for your initial experience

*Does not include yoni massage

Option 2 – EXPAND

76000 kr

Duration: 2.5 hours (appr. 2 hours massage)

Relax and go deeper into yourself!

Explore and get familiar to your erotic energy, feel the awakening of sensuality in your entire body

*Possibility of yoni massage

Option 3 – UNITE

94000 kr

Duration: 3 hours (appr. 2.5 hours massage)

Connect to your soul, true inner nature and source of love!

Explore psychological and therapeutic aspects, solve blockages and traumas

*Possibility of yoni massage


Our add-ons are a way to help you work with the erotic energies awakened during the tantra massage and to become more conscious of your inner state. They are all done under the skillful guidance of your masseur. 

– 15 min

You can choose between 3 different meditations:

  • Awaken Your Heart – can increase your capacity to love and feel compassion.
  • Mental Clarity – can increase your awareness and control over your mind, clearing your thoughts.
  • Spiritual Awakening – can expand your consciousness and merge with the universal consciousness, going beyond all the daily life concerns into the state of transcendence.

2500 kr

– 15 min

A guided session of the complete yogic relaxation. It will help you to deepen the profound relaxing effect of the massage, being present in your body here and now. It allows the erotic energies to empower the state of relaxation in your being.

The tantric teaching states that happiness is possible only on the background of relaxation. Many of us burdened by the stress of the full lifestyle in our era, can use a little help in going back to the state of relaxation and reconnect to the state of happiness.

2500 kr

Tantric techniques
– 30 min

Tantric techniques, specially chosen by the masseuse for you, for opening your being before the massage, so your experience will be more profound. After the massage techniques that emphasize refining your erotic energy, so the Tantric experience will be more crystallized.


5000 kr

DISCLAIMER: Please notice that even though there are many beneficial and curative effects of a tantra massage within all aspects of life, a tantra massage cannot replace a medical treatment, and if you have physical or psychic problems we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor and follow his/her instructions. We also require that you inform us about any such issue prior to your massage. We also draw your attention to the fact that we cannot be held responsible if you choose not to consult a doctor or choose not to follow his/her instructions.