things to consider before and after your booking

When you make a booking

If you are a woman, think whether you wish to receive a massage from a man or a woman, or have no preference, feel what is best for you for now. Ask for help from our booking lady, if you need.

Remember always to book in advance if you wish to receive a massage, as it is not possible to just show up and expect to have massage.

Read carefully our information about tantra massage for men, tantra massage for women, or tantra massage for couples, before you come for a massage.

See our FAQ to read the answers to the most common questions.

Please make sure to arrive on time, (no need to arrive earlier).

Cancellation policy

No show / cancellation fee later than 4h before the massage is 5000 kr.

To book another massage after a no show, you will have to either pay a deposit of 10.000 kr per guest or the whole amount for the new massage beforehand.

Pictures of our masseurs

We select our masseurs according to their positive resonances achieved through intensive and persistent yoga and tantra practices, and their harmonious bodily looks.

We train them for a long time before they are available for massages.

Our masseurs are between 27 – 45 years of age.

We have already ensured the best conditions for you to have an outstanding experience with either of them.

We believe there is no need to have your attention distracted by images that will only limit your choices based on any bodily preferences you might have.