relax into the deep sensual touch and connect to your masculine essence

Experience a sensual body-to-body massage to awaken potentials and discover who you really are

Tantra Massage for Men

Experience an authentic initiation into the tantric mysteries through the erotic massage. The erotic tantra massage is a very sensual full body-to-body massage.

Through the massage you learn to expand your awareness to the whole body; the erotic feeling is no longer limited to the genital area but becomes a whole-body experience.

This massage is a possibility for you to discover your full erotic potential and how to experience the link between sexuality and spirituality.

Erotic body-to-body

The tantra massage is a very sensual and intimate massage that releases sexual blockages and tensions (inhibitions).

The massage is a whole body-to-body massage where the masseuse in a very creative, sensual way is touching your entire body using her hands as well as different parts of her body, like breasts, feet, hair, etc. The massage can be given by one or two masseuses. The receiver will be naked during the massage and the masseuse is wearing g-string underwear.

And just to get things straight: There is no sexual intercourse in any way during the massage.

    Whole-body sensual experience

    The massage will not include the direct massage of the lingam (lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis) but a whole body massage, that awakens your sensitivity and ability to experience pleasure. Through the massage you learn to expand your awareness to the whole body, the erotic feeling is no longer limited to the genital area, but becomes a whole body experience.

    It is possible for men to experience an orgasm felt in the whole body as an unlimited state of ecstasy and love that can last for hours. The sensitivity of the body awakens and therefore the body can become one big erogenous zone. You should however not expect to experience this kind of whole body orgasm until the sexual blockages and inhibitions have been dissolved. This usually happens gradually and might need more sessions.

    The general tendency for men is to focus on the sexual area, because the erotic energy is naturally and quickly felt there. But this makes many forget about the rest of their body and their capacity as whole beings including mind and soul.

    Awakening erotic potential and feel love

    From our experience, it is not until the aspirant has studied and practiced the tantric principles and proven to have the level to deal in a successful way with the awakening of his erotic potential, that he is ready to experience the lingam massage.

    According to the ancient tantric tradition, ejaculation is not taking place at any point of the massage as the aim is to increase energy and gain the healing effects of the tantra massage.

    We invite you to dive deeper and deeper into your excitement. Relax and open your mind until after some practice you reach profound states of orgasm without ejaculation. Feel amazing pleasure in your entire being, waves of energy floating through your body and soul – tranquilizing you, elevating you, healing you.

    The affectionate way this massage is given opens up the heart and gives the ability to love and feel loved for both the giver and receiver.

      “What is exciting to me about this whole thing is what I perceive as a combination of several experiences: mindfulness meditation, sexual energy, and the cultivation of love and compassion. Being a researcher, I am interested both in exploring these matters at the personal level and excited about the possibility of gaining a deeper understanding of these processes”



      “Behind the door, I faced nice smiling people in a beautifully relaxing atmosphere. My first time trying this kind of massage. Let me tell you right away – it was a lovely, amazing, and beautiful experience, what treatment this fantastic girl gave me, I ended up with this very special feeling in my body and the feeling of a connection between us. So, thank you again – from a smiling face.”


      I still feel energized and responsive weeks later! I remember that when you were touching me it seemed that you were so charged with warm energy that your touch was electric. My body seemed charged with electricity, too. My self-esteem seems to have increased because of that and sex is better now. The powerful session made the Tantric realm very real for me; it’s like tapping into a clear spring of flowing sensuality and sexuality. I’m now convinced that the Tantric practice you gave me will continue to get closer in intimacy as it touches every nerve in the body and spirit. The energy really flowed. I realize that it has only been a couple of weeks, but I have not felt this motivated in months. All this was happening in joy and delight. I realize this may seem trivial, but I cannot accurately express the change in energy I felt. I believe that it is important to share with you how you affect people in a very positive/powerful way. Your massage was so relaxing and I’ve taken that relaxation “home”. Now I am beginning to feel myself becoming less stressed throughout the day as well. For the time being, I will need to just focus on the self-loving stuff. In time, perhaps I will find the right person for me and we can both work on the Tantric approach. You have convinced me that it is a fantastic way for a loving couple to be able to really communicate and connect spiritually. I found the session to be instructive, interesting, and, yes, “fun.” I had no idea what to expect, nor what you would be like, but felt confident enough to invest in this experience. Thanks. For the first time, I felt deeply relaxed and inspired to continue on my Tantric journey. I urge all to learn about the Tantric journey in life, both spiritually & sexually: Give yourself the chance to the Luxury of Experiencing the Tantric feeling throughout your whole body; from your fingertips and toes to the top of your head, it is a marvelous & energizing feeling and However, I urge all; if you are young start a Tantric journey right away and also if you are not so young you owe it to yourself to feel the Tantra within you before too late !


      Tantra massage experiences

      Choose a 2-hand or 4-hand massage of different durations. Time makes all the difference: the longer the time, the deeper the experience.

      Including: A before and after talk, a shower, and a Tantra massage.

      Option 1 – AWAKEN

      30.000 kr

      Duration: 2 hours (app.1,5 hours massage)

      Take the first step to discover yourself and awaken your being!

      The perfect option for your initial experience



      Option 2 – EXPAND

      39.000 kr

      Duration: 2.5 hours (app.2 hours massage)

      Relax and go deeper into yourself!

      Explore and get familiar to your erotic energy, feel the awakening of sensuality in your entire body



      Option 3 – UNITE

      48.000 kr

      Duration: 3 hours (app.2,5 hours massage)

      Connect to your soul, true inner nature and source of love!

      Explore psychological and therapeutic aspects, solve blockages and traumas



      Our add-ons are a way to help you work with the erotic energies awakened during the tantra massage and to become more conscious of your inner state. They are all done under the skillful guidance of your masseur. 

      – 15 min

      You can choose between 3 different meditations:

      • Awaken Your Heart – can increase your capacity to love and feel compassion.
      • Mental Clarity – can increase your awareness and control over your mind, clearing your thoughts.
      • Spiritual Awakening – can expand your consciousness and merge with the universal consciousness, going beyond all the daily life concerns into the state of transcendence.

      2500 kr

      – 15 min

      A guided session of the complete yogic relaxation. It will help you to deepen the profound relaxing effect of the massage, being present in your body here and now. It allows the erotic energies to empower the state of relaxation in your being.

      The tantric teaching states that happiness is possible only on the background of relaxation. Many of us burdened by the stress of the full lifestyle in our era, can use a little help in going back to the state of relaxation and reconnect to the state of happiness.

      2500 kr

      Tantric techniques
      – 30 min

      Tantric techniques, specially chosen by the masseuse for you, for opening your being before the massage, so your experience will be more profound. After the massage techniques that emphasize refining your erotic energy, so the Tantric experience will be more crystallized.


      5000 kr

      DISCLAIMER: Please notice that even though there are many beneficial and curative effects of a tantra massage within all aspects of life, a tantra massage cannot replace a medical treatment, and if you have physical or psychic problems we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor and follow his/her instructions. We also require that you inform us about any such issue prior to your massage. We also draw your attention to the fact that we cannot be held responsible if you choose not to consult a doctor or choose not to follow his/her instructions.