A tantra masseur is trained to silence their mind, center in their heart and connect deeply with a guest. He uses his empathy and intuition and offers active love and sublime eros to touch the heart of the guests and offer an experience of inner balance, profound intimacy and deep awakening. You might wonder, how can a tantra masseur prepare for this? And even more remarkably – how can they offer this kind of gift to complete strangers or when they are having a bad day themselves, for example? We will reveal two secrets that a tantra masseur applies in order to aim to be able to offer tantra massages to anyone at any moment, no matter their own state – and even becoming transformed by the experience.

Two secrets from the life of tantra masseurs:

The first secret is the understanding that a tantra masseur does not offer his own energy during a massage, but is instead a channel for universal energies. He opens up to a higher reality that embraces him unceasingly and provides him with the energies that are needed in that specific moment. When a masseur has a bad day, he remembers to not interfere with his own emotions, but instead practices to take to his own ego out of the picture. They are not the creator or the source of love, care, presence or erotic energy, but are the vessel that simply allow these energies to manifest through them – at any time.

The real source is always abundant, always resourceful and immensely greater than themselves. This perspective awakens, liberates and expands the masseur and makes them able to offer a deeply fulfilling experience to their guests. As Ulrik Adinatha says, reflecting on this topic:

“Afterwards I can hardly remember what my problem was that I saw as so big [before], and seeing the perspective of being a channel for universal energy.”

The second secret from the life of a tantra masseur is their dedication to a daily spiritual practice of techniques like Yoga, meditation and Pranayama. “We insist on purifying our own system. Constant evolution and growth are important (…) through a daily spiritual practice to better yourself, purify and live healthy” says Ulrik Adinatha. Through spiritual practice, tantric masseurs become inner alchemists; they learn to use any state or emotion as fuel for spiritual growth by refining and transforming its energy into higher ones.

Like Erotina says: “If I don’t feel good, I do yoga and meditation to be in a better state and I visualize myself being better and it changes.” Then, the massage itself is a deeply enriching experience for the masseuse as well.

“It is always changing me, it is a very deep process and usually I get a much closer contact with myself and my heart through the massage. It calms down my mind and usually makes me more happy,” says Erotina.

If afterwards, the awakened energies of the massage are again uplifted through practice,

“it leaves you elevated, if not happy, then at least very joyful and uplifted and it leaves you with a spiritual perspective upon things,” says Ulrik Adinatha.

Through expanding their perspective upon the greater reality that guides them in a massage and using their tools of spiritual practice, a tantra masseur is able to transform any bad mood into a great opportunity for spiritual growth. They are able to prepare themselves and be that open channel for any guest. Being ready to be a vessel for genuine transformation and magically being transformed themselves in the process as well.

Excerpt from the video The Life of a Tantra Masseur – Watch HERE.