With Christmas around the corner the season of giving gifts is in full bloom. In our fast-pace world today, many of us are used to tick off presents from a wish-list. Giving has become quite a practical and even mechanical act that slowly loses the most touching aspect of gifts: love. That’s why we decided in the Tantra Temple to launch a Christmas offer that reminds us all of the beauty of offering gifts from the heart: a Gift of Love.

A tantric massage offered with pure and active love is a truly special gift that can deeply transform the lives of people, as we get to witness in the Tantra Temple again and again.

One of our dear guests received such a gift of love two years ago as his wife offered him a couple massage, which was the beginning of a life-changing journey for him:

“I was totally surprised in a very positive way to receive such a gift … I have now had eight massages at the Temple, and I must say that all have been very special, it is the feeling of receiving a truly special gift — one that the masseur wishes to give! (as opposed to ‘have to give’). Each time I have gone home with the feeling of gratitude. My wife can also feel the effect(s) the journey into tantra has caused … the path of becoming a ‘grumpy old man’ seem to have changed, such that I actually now wish to ‘be present in my life’ again!”

Why we in the Tantra Temple wish to give this gift of love is because we have discovered the deep truth of an ancient old tantric principle that says: ‘the love that you give is the love that you have.’

Love in itself is a gift. We cannot produce or create it, but we can open to it once it is given to us by the universe, the absolute or God. And the best and fastest way to learn to gradually open yourself to receive and be filled with Love is to offer Love as a gift to someone else.

Once we start offer the love that we have in our heart, may it be very little, the act of giving it freely, enriches ourselves and makes it grow. When we give love, through a touch, through our presence, through a smile, a gesture, a compliment, an act of forgiveness instead of carrying grudges or resentment, this love will grow and grow and grow until you will discover its source inside of your heart, pouring more and more of its sweetness into you, making you slowly mad with love. You will start to speak like a drunkard, like Rumi, drunk on the wine of love, who said:

“If the ocean comes to you as a lover, marry at once! Quickly, don’t postpone it, existence has no greater gift to offer, no amount of searching will find it.” – Rumi

So let us all no longer merely seek to efficiently tick the shopping items off of our Christmas list, but let us shift our gaze and give ourselves the greatest gift for Christmas this year: let us offer others gifts of love! Try it out and find out for yourself if by offering freely, actively and unconditionally the love that you have, you will one day find yourself rich, drunk and face to face with the ocean of love, that will come to you as a lover, asking you to marry and be one with this greatest gift existence has to offer: Love.


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