Experience an inner journey within your feminine universe, heal and expand

Connect with your feminity.
Conquer past grievances, overcome trauma, heal your sensuality.
get in touch with your pleasure, enhance your orgasmic capacity!

Tantra Massage for Women

Experience an authentic initiation into Tantric mysteries through the sensual massage. Tantric massage can create miracles and help you to transform very fast. Through the massage you will experience a guided journey into the depths of your Soul, your blockages will disappear and your natural energy will flow freely and harmoniously.

The treatment awakens and unblocks the sexual energies and helps to lift and distribute them so they flow in your entire body. You feel at the same time deeply relaxed, but full of energy. Your sensitivity awakens and you feel recharged and rejuvenated.

Your experience

The Tantric massage for women can be given by either a male or a female massage therapist, whichever you feel more comfortable with. All our massage therapists are very experienced and have completed many years of studies in Tantra.

Creating a sense of safety and trust is important to us. We ensure that everything happens at a very slow and relaxing pace, always leaving you the possibility to ask the massage therapist to stop if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

During the massage you will be naked. If you have a male masseur, he will be wearing boxer shorts, and a female masseuse would be wearing just a g-string. You will be massaged with high quality oil all over the body using alternately firm strokes and soft caresses.

The treatment awakens and unblocks the sexual energies and helps to lift and distribute them so they do not remain focused only around the sexual organs. In this way you will experience your entire body becoming more sensitive and orgasmic.

As a part of the massage you can choose to experience the massage of the Yoni (vagina) in options 2 & 3. This part is optional and can be left out if you do not feel ready for it. Talk with the massage therapist about it before you begin.

    Yoni massage

    Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit and can be translated as “holy space” or “holy temple”. And that is exactly what the Yoni is: A sacred place that should be treated with love and respect.

    Yoni massage is a very intimate form of therapy and helps you stay healthy and youthful, and allows you to become more beautiful and radiant: Free-flowing feminine creative energy is the best form of beauty therapy available!

    Yoni massage is a very intimate type of therapy. To many, the first session will be pushing personal boundaries, so it is of great importance that the session takes place in a safe environment with the full trust of the therapist.

    During the Yoni massage laughter, tears, anger, moaning, break-throughs, and deep pleasure can be experienced.

    Most women have tensions and blockages in the lower body; quite a few without knowing it themselves. Many women are used to something being expected in return when a man touches her Yoni. Yoni massage is a chance to go beyond the pressure that many women feel when making love.

    Experience the pleasure of being touched in a loving way without anything expected in return!

    Causes for Tensions or Blockages in the Lower Body and Yoni: Tensions in this area can result from situations where the woman has sex against her will: Abuse, rape or even situations where she just did not feel like it, but could not bring herself to say no to her lover.

    Tensions can also result from frustration when lovemaking ends too quickly, and from lacking the courage to express her own desire. Consistent lovemaking with a man who has a Lingam (male sexual organ) that is considerably larger or smaller than the womans’ Yoni can also lead to complications.

    Blockages can also arise after gynecological examination, abortion and childbirth.

    Effects of the Yoni Massage

    Releases emotional tensions and stress. Reduces menstrual pain.

    Elimination of pain when having intercourse Increases sensitivity in the yoni Increased lubrication when sexually aroused.

    Opening to new levels of ecstatic pleasure, bliss, joy, and love. More powerful orgasms are achieved more easily. Elimination of psychic and emotional blockages in relation to sex Cellulite on the buttocks is reduced.

    The Yoni massage helps you stay healthy and youthful, more beautiful, and more radiant. Free-flowing feminine creative energy is the best form of beauty therapy available!

      “I feel my delicate feet in the sandals, they seem so small and alive – happy and safe. I look at my reflection in a shop window and see a calm beautiful woman, who looks happy and light. I smile at the reflection and feel deep gratitude in my heart. I feel free and alive and look at the world as if it was the first time. I have just received 2 hours of Tantra massage and my soul has been touched in its deepest inside, for a moment I did not feel lonely on this Earth, for a moment I felt unity and warmth. The room where the massage is given is beautifully decorated with candles, low music, and the atmosphere is radiating peace and softness, and calmness and safety are filling me up inside. The walls are painted in a deep red and on the floor is a big red mattress; the beautiful fabric is hanging from the ceiling and you get the feeling of a safe cave. I look cautiously at the masseur and see a pair of calm and present eyes, and my body remembers his loving and gentle touch from last time, and I calm down – it is nice to be here, here I can be safe. We talk a little bit about how I have been since last time, while I undress and lie down on the mattress. I take a deep breath and release the old tensions from the body. He puts his hand on my back and speaks gently to me, telling me that I can relax and just enjoy, that nothing is expected of me the next couple of hours. I let go of the world outside and can smell the flowers in the oil he begins to spread on my back. His hands are alive and empathic; they contain and move my body. They reach places in my body which I had forgotten existed. Slowly the life in the body is awakening, and the woman in me awakens and stretches her body and wants to come forward. She sighs deeply and lets go and receives the joy she is given. Slowly my body opens up and I sense a fine and very feminine energy spreading in my inside, my heart is touched and a silent tear rolls down my cheek. I have missed her for so many years. I am 37 years old and did not know that touch could feel so delightful and enriching. I remember when I was a teenager and my sexuality woke up, recall the longing and the expectation for a meeting with the opposite sex, recall the longing to open up and receive and unite. Remember than all the hard and painful meetings that slowly closed down the woman in me – she gave up and hid herself away. Now she is here again, with the same innocence and vulnerability as when she was a teenager. It is like starting all over – in a good way. After the massage he lies down next to me, and caresses slowly with one finger over my body, it feels good. He looks into my eyes, his eyes are shining with love and presence, and I feel safe and shy, my heart is filled with love and gratitude from the gift he has just given me…”


      “The massage anchored me into my body. I got into a meditative state of colors, energies and deep emotions, sometimes I became one with my masseur, as if I were him and he was me, it was an incredible experience. I was touched completely into the deepest blockades of my heart and was touched and also a little scared (only very brief) but scared because it was so endless though and I didn’t want it to ever end.

      I feel something big has happened to me, as if my life has started on something new from today. I know this exists because I have now felt it in my body and in my mind. I know this gift of infinite love can be shared and I look forward to learning and sharing.”

      Brigit, 41

      Tantra massage experiences

      Choose a 2-hand or 4-hand massage of different durations. Time makes all the difference: the longer the time, the deeper the experience.

      Including: A before and after talk, a shower, and a Tantra massage (with or without yoni massage for women).

      Option 1 – AWAKEN

      30.000 kr

      Duration: 2 hours (app.1,5 hours massage)

      Take the first step to discover yourself and awaken your being!

      The perfect option for your initial experience

      *Does not include yoni massage

      Option 2 – EXPAND

      39.000 kr

      Duration: 2.5 hours (app.2 hours massage)

      Relax and go deeper into yourself!

      Explore and get familiar to your erotic energy, feel the awakening of sensuality in your entire body

      *Possibility of yoni massage

      Option 3 – UNITE

      48.000 kr

      Duration: 3 hours (app.2,5 hours massage)

      Connect to your soul, true inner nature and source of love!

      Explore psychological and therapeutic aspects, solve blockages and traumas

      *Possibility of yoni massage


      Our add-ons are a way to help you work with the erotic energies awakened during the tantra massage and to become more conscious of your inner state. They are all done under the skillful guidance of your masseur. 

      – 15 min

      You can choose between 3 different meditations:

      • Awaken Your Heart – can increase your capacity to love and feel compassion.
      • Mental Clarity – can increase your awareness and control over your mind, clearing your thoughts.
      • Spiritual Awakening – can expand your consciousness and merge with the universal consciousness, going beyond all the daily life concerns into the state of transcendence.

      2500 kr

      – 15 min

      A guided session of the complete yogic relaxation. It will help you to deepen the profound relaxing effect of the massage, being present in your body here and now. It allows the erotic energies to empower the state of relaxation in your being.

      The tantric teaching states that happiness is possible only on the background of relaxation. Many of us burdened by the stress of the full lifestyle in our era, can use a little help in going back to the state of relaxation and reconnect to the state of happiness.

      2500 kr

      Tantric techniques
      – 30 min

      Tantric techniques, specially chosen by the masseuse for you, for opening your being before the massage, so your experience will be more profound. After the massage techniques that emphasize refining your erotic energy, so the Tantric experience will be more crystallized.


      5000 kr

      DISCLAIMER: Please notice that even though there are many beneficial and curative effects of a tantra massage within all aspects of life, a tantra massage cannot replace a medical treatment, and if you have physical or psychic problems we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor and follow his/her instructions. We also require that you inform us about any such issue prior to your massage. We also draw your attention to the fact that we cannot be held responsible if you choose not to consult a doctor or choose not to follow his/her instructions.